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– Matthew 22:37
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Love your neighbor as yourself……
– Matthew 22:39
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Our Missions

Diabetes Reversal Program

Why is this country so sick? Why is the healthcare system broken? The reason is fairly straightforward.  We have failed over and over again to identify and treat the root cause of what ails us. According to the CDC, each diabetic costs the healthcare system over...

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We Are Rockwall

Join us as we help bring Thanksgiving Dinner to local families in need. www.wearerockwall.comThis Rockwall Grace Center partnership provides an annual Community-Wide Thanksgiving Meal designed to bring the Rockwall community together for a few hours to celebrate God’s...

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Find Fix Thrive

If medicine wants to focus on prevention, there’s no better tool than nutrition.” Dominic D'Agostino “Help us educate and empower the community to make the right dietary choices to prevent and reverse chronic medical diseases.  This scholarship program is designed to...

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Our mission

ROCKWALL GRACE CENTER (RGC) is a community-based 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization founded in 2013 to address the lack of health care for individuals in the Rockwall community who cannot afford to pay for medical care.  GRACE CLINIC ROCKWALL COUNTY provides quality primary and allied healthcare and education services to the community, regardless of ability to pay, in a manner that demonstrates in word and deed the love of Jesus Christ.


Connecting Churches and Communities


Primary Care Medical Services


Basic Urgent Care


Family Education


Health Education


Neighborhood Engagement

Latest News

Is Food Really Medicine?

Sometimes, it is important look at things from the 50,000 foot view.  And sometimes it is better to get really really close. One of the problems with medicine is that doctors often carry around a limited set of tools in our tool kit.  And, sometimes, we have the wrong...

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Diabetes 101

Hello all my diabetic friends out there.  Something to think about…… The goal of most primary care physicians (including myself for most of my career) is to manage your sugars.  Need to keep them below 110.... without going too low.  Too low is no fun at all.  "Here...

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What is HIIT and SIT?? Have you every met someone who loves to run?  I mean the guy that gets up every morning and jogs for an hour before work.  Or the girl that gets some bad news and goes on a 10 mile run to let off steam.  Are you one of these people?  If you are,...

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Exponential Medicine

I became a doctor to help people.  I have always felt that this was my calling and my gift.  But an experience several years ago changed the way I viewed healthcare.  Several years ago, my wife and I wrote a check to build a water well in Liberia Here was my “aha”...

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