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We are a charity / non-profit / fundraising / NGO organization


Our charity activities contibute to a better world. Be part of our causes and help to change people’s life!

Diabetes Reversal Program

Why is this country so sick? Why is the healthcare system broken? The reason is fairly straightforward.  We have failed over and over again to identify and treat the root cause of what ails us. According to the CDC, each diabetic costs the healthcare system over...

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We Are Rockwall

Join us as we help bring Thanksgiving Dinner to local families in need. www.wearerockwall.comThis Rockwall Grace Center partnership provides an annual Community-Wide Thanksgiving Meal designed to bring the Rockwall community together for a few hours to celebrate God’s...

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Find Fix Thrive

If medicine wants to focus on prevention, there’s no better tool than nutrition.” Dominic D'Agostino “Help us educate and empower the community to make the right dietary choices to prevent and reverse chronic medical diseases.  This scholarship program is designed to...

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