Exponential Medicine

I became a doctor to help people.  I have always felt that this was my calling and my gift.  But an experience several years ago changed the way I viewed healthcare.  Several years ago, my wife and I wrote a check to build a water well in Liberia

Here was my “aha” moment……

At that time, 1 in 5 kids did not survive to the age of 5 due to water borne illnesses.  By our estimation, 60 kids’ lives were saved by each well dug…….. 60 kids. Imagine digging 60 wells. That’s 3600 children that now would have clean water and who would now survive past their 5th birthday.   And I did not even have to go to medical school to help.

Caring for 1 person is wonderful, but 3600 is better.  The power of exponential growth!

As a primary care clinician I have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of everyone in my clinic.  This has value…. lots of value.  But, a busy medical clinic can only see so many people.  We are in a healthcare crisis.  We need to overhaul preventive medicine.   We need exponential growth.   I need your help to reach the masses.  Together, we can redefine healthcare.

by | Jul 9, 2018

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