Why is this country so sick?   Why is the healthcare system broken?

The reason is simple.  We have failed over and over again to identify the true cause of what is actually broken.  It does not matter if you hit the bull’s-eye….. if you are aiming at the wrong target.   We no longer follow the data.  We follow the dogma.  We no longer follow the evidence.  We follow the guidelines.  And, now we are stuck.

Healthcare has been become focused on lowering cholesterol.  We continue to demonize salt and saturated fat.  We have become experts at pairing pills with problems.  And, all of this is wrong.

The only way we fix healthcare is to reverse medical problems… period!

But we have to understand (and believe) that most medical problems are reversible.  And, we have to start shooting at the right target.

The real problem is that this country has become allergic to the food that we eat…. Primarily sugar.  It’s that simple and straightforward.  And, I am not talking about cake.   I am referring to “healthy” sugars.  I am referring to cereal, granola, juice, yogurt, oatmeal, whole grains, and even fruit…. Yes.  I said fruit.

Our body is made up of fat and protein.  Without it we get sick.  Carbohydrates (sugars) are not building blocks.  They are a fuel source, and any extra sugar parked in the blood stream is directly toxic to the body.   This is why diabetics go blind, lose limbs, and end up on dialysis.  Sugar in the bloodstream is toxic.  The good thing is your body as really good at handling the load…. to a point.   If you eat an apple then the body will convert it to energy.  Everything is OK.  But, if you eat more apples than your body needs then it has to be stored.  The body has to get it out of the bloodstream.   An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  10 apples a day leads to diabetes.

Insulin is an anabolic hormone.  It tells your cells to store energy.  It tells your cells to grow and divide.  200 years ago our insulin needs were small.  We ate primarily beef, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, and cheese.  A couple weeks out of the year a pear would fall from the tree.  Summer squash grew in the summer.  Our body was happy.  Our insulin needs were low.

But not anymore.  Now we need our insulin around the clock.  Oatmeal for breakfast.  Whole grains for lunch.  Spaghetti for dinner.  Sugary snacks in between.   Insulin goes up…. and stays up… every day of the year.

Because of this, our fat cells grow.  As they grow in size, they become more and more resistant to the continuous bombardment of insulin.  Our body’s response to this is to make even more insulin…. because sugar parked in the bloodstream is toxic.  Now we have a mixed bag of high insulin and insulin resistance.

So what problems does this create………?    All of them.

Diabetes is advanced insulin resistance.  Hypertension is a combination of arterial hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.   Dementia is insulin resistance of the brain (now called type 3 diabetes).  Obesity is directly caused by insulin driven fat cell growth.  Cancer is a combination of genetics and insulin resistance.   Nearly every chronic medical disease state is either directly caused or exacerbated by hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.

Now here is the problem.  80% of Americans are now estimated to be insulin resistant….. and we don’t even screen for it.  We don’t even treat it.  Why?  Because we are aiming at the wrong target.

Please get your insulin checked regularly.  Please find a doctor or health consultant that understands this.

Insulin resistance is a completely reversible illness.

by | Jul 9, 2018