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History of the Grace Clinic

Rockwall Grace Center is a community-based 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization founded in 2013 to address the lack of health care for individuals in the Rockwall community who cannot afford to pay for medical care.   The Grace Clinic was created that same year to provide primary care, basic urgent care, preventive health screenings, counseling, education, and spiritual care.

The clinic’s first home was located at 418 E. Bourne St in Rockwall TX.  It was here that an all-volunteer staff met every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm to take care of Rockwall County’s working poor.  In April of 2016, Barbara Criswell generously donated her home at 602 N. Goliad to serve as the future home of the clinic.

In May of 2016, through the generosity of Lakepointe Church, the clinic temporarily relocated to the Lake Rockwall Estates community center while our future home was being renovated.    It was here that our volunteer staff provided weekly preventive health screenings, counseling, education, and spiritual care to the residents in the community.

In July 2018, the clinic officially opened its doors at 602 N. Goliad.  The house is now referred to as “The Dawes House” in honor of Barbara’s family.

Our current services include internal medicine and basic urgent care.  We are also able to refer patients for dental services.

Our focus is on disease prevention and reversal of illness through a detailed root cause analysis and a heavy emphasis on epigenetics and education.  The only way we will fix healthcare is to make medical problems go away.

Since our inception, we have had the support of local churches, local hospitals, and host of generous businesses and individuals.  A detailed list of our supporters can be found on our donor banner at the clinic.

I ran into Dr. Bray several times over the years. Then one time about 8 months ago we meet to talk about my diabetes. I have had it for over 25 years and no matter what I tried I couldn’t stay on top of it. During those years I had both carotid arteries cleaned out, half a foot amputated, 5 bypasses on my heart, 1 bypass on my leg and a stent put in my chest. All due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr Bray told me if I would give him 4 months and work with him he could fix my diabetes and high blood pressure. Within 3 months he had my sugar count down in the 100-115 range and my blood pressure down to normal. The best part is I’m now off all my medication including insulin…. a savings of over $1000 a month. I have lost 39 pounds and feel great. I would recommend Dr. Bray and the Grace Clinic to anyone that is serious about getting well.
Patient with Type 2 Diabetes

I am really grateful to the Grace Clinic because they have people who care. People who truly love, respect, and have compassion for others. They are always ready to help people in need. For example in my case they were attentive to my health and my spiritual life. God bless everyone who made the Grace Clinic possible.
Patient with newly diagnosed Lymphoma

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